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Natural Resources Advisory Commission (NRAC)

The Natural Resources Advisory Commission was created November 1993 to help the County Commission with issues and involvement relating to public lands and natural resources, including water quantity and quality, air space and air quality, wild horses, wildlife, grazing allotments, mining, and recreation. After reviewing information relating to issues, the Commission makes recommendations to the County Commission to assist in the County Commission decisions. The Board consists of 9 members representing ranching, farming, mining, wildlife, business and recreation.

The Commission typically meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


Chad Bliss - Wildlife - Chairman
Carl Slagowski - Ranching- Vice-Chairman
Russell Conley - Farming
Gary McCuin - Business
Paul Etzler - Recreation
Jerry Todd - Farming
Jim Evans - Wildlife
Jim Baumann - Ranching
Carl Olsen - Mining

Eureka County Natural Resources

PO Box 682

701 S Main Street

Eureka, NVĀ  89316

Phone: 775.237.6010

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