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Stephen Zimmerman, Juvenile Probation Officer - Irma Davila, Juvenile Probation Assistant

Eureka County Juvenile Probation

The Mission of the Eureka County Juvenile Probation Department is to create and promote programs pertaining to the prevention of delinquency, to defer youth from formal court proceeding whenever possible, and to create and promote programs that deter further delinquent behavior. 

Under the jurisdiction of the Seventh Judicial District Court, the Eureka County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the prevention and treatment of delinquent behaviors with a strong emphasis on community protection and the needs of youth and families.

The juvenile probation office is dedicated to providing support and assistance to youth and families at any level of concern.

Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 62 - Click to visit the Nevada Law Library

Eureka County Juvenile Probation

10 S Main Street

Eureka, NV  89316

Phone:  775.237.5450

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