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Weed District Lands

How Are Lands Included in the Weed Control District?

In accordance with NRS 555.217, in order for lands to be included in the weed control district the following must take place:

1. The owners of lands that wish to be included in the district must file with the board of directors a petition in writing asking for inclusion in the district. The petition must describe the tracts or body of land owned by the petitioners for inclusion. Areas proposed for inclusion in a weed control district need not be contiguous to other portions of the district.

2. The owner or owners of the lands described in the petition will be contacted, in addition to notice published in a newspaper of general circulation of the County. The notices must require all persons interested to appear at the office of the board at the time specified in the notice and show cause in writing why the request should not be granted.

3. The board will meet at the time specified in the notice to hear the request and all written objections presented.

4. Upon conclusion of the hearing the board by resolution shall approve the request, subject to ratification by the Board of County Commissioners, or deny the request.

5. The board may approve the inclusion in the district of the described lands only if it determines that the lands contain weeds that are harmful to owners of land in the district, inclusion does not impair or affect its organization or its rights in or to property, or any of its rights or privileges whatsoever, and does not affect or impair or discharge any contract, obligation, lien or charge for or upon which it or the owners of property in the district might be liable or chargeable had the inclusion not been made.


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