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Noxious Weeds

What Are Noxious Weeds?

Noxious Weeds are unwanted plants that cause harm to:

Agriculture   People   Recreational Areas

  • Noxious weeds are harmful because they are invasive.
  • Invasive weeds are not native to our area and have no natural enemies to control reproduction. These invasive species can crowd out desirable vegetation.
  • The management of noxious weeds is necessary to conserve and improve natural resources such as cropland, soil, forage, and wildlife habitat and to manage land resources for multiple use values and improve the economic stability within Eureka County.
  • Keep in mind that weeds on the Nevada Noxious Weed List have to be our first priority. While plants like halogeton and purple mustard can be considered toxic they aren't considered invasive and we aren't treating them at this time.

NEVADA'S NOXIOUS WEED LIST (Alphabetical by common name)

African Rue Giant Salvina Hydrilla
Austrian fieldcress Goats rue Johnson grass
Austrian peaweed Green fountain grass Klamath weed
Black Henbane Hemlock, poison Knapweed, Diffuse
Camelthorn Hemlock, water Knapweed, Russian*
Common crupina Horse-nettle, Carolina Knapweed, Spotted*
Dyer's woad Horse-nettle, White Knapweed, Squarrose
Eurasian water-milfoil Houndstongue Leafy Spurge
Mayweed chamomile Rush skeletonweed Thistle, Sow
Mediterranean sage Saltcedar (tamarisk) Thistle, Iberian star
Medusahead Sorghum alum Thistle, Purple star
Perennial pepperweed* Sulfur cinquefoil Thistle, Yellow star
(Tall White Top) Syrian bean caper Thistle, Malta star
Perennial sweet sudan Thistle, Canadian Toadflax, Dalmatian
Puncturevine Thistle, Musk* Toadflax, yellow
Purple loosestrife Thistle, Scotch* Whitetop or Hoary cress*

* Weeds listed in bold italics with asterisk (*) have been identified in the county and are top priority in the weed management plan. Weeds in bold print have been identified, control measures taken, and don't pose a serious threat at this time.

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