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Photo Contest Winners

Eureka County is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Eureka County in the Spring Photo Contest. This year’s competition showcased an impressive array of talent, capturing the stunning beauty and nature of our county through the lenses of local residents.

After a rigorous selection process,  the winners are:


First Place: Terrilynn Brown
Terrilynn's captivating photo of a horse gracefully set against the serene backdrop of Eureka’s natural landscape captured the hearts of our judges. The sunrise image beautifully encapsulates the harmony between nature and wildlife in our county.


Second Place: Marian Byler
Marian's photo of a gently flowing stream highlights the peaceful and picturesque nature found in Eureka County. This serene image perfectly portrays the calm and quiet beauty of springtime in our area.


Third Place: Tracey Mellard
Tracey's stunning capture of a double rainbow arcing over Beowawe is a testament to the awe-inspiring natural phenomena that can be witnessed in Eureka County. The vibrant colors and dramatic sky make this a standout photograph.


Student Winner: Darianna Lopez
Darianna’s photo, featuring a beautifully painted "Eureka" on the brick background of the Opera House, showcases the historical charm of our community. Her creative perspective adds a unique touch to the contest.


Chair’s Choice: Danniela Lopez
Danniela’s breathtaking photo of a sunset over the mountains captures the ethereal beauty of Eureka’s evening skies. This image was chosen for its stunning composition and the emotional impact it conveys.


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